Welcome to Our New Website

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Welcome to our new website!

With this new and re-invented site, it’s ready for our membership, students and the community to find all the information they need related to being a better boater. Whether you are new boater or experienced sailor, there are resources for everyone!

If you are a new boater, all the courses that we provide are included with descriptions to help you make the best choice of a course that might interest you and compliment your boating type. You will also find a calendar to see not only a calendar of upcoming courses, but also seminars and social events that will allow you to meet other boaters.

For the more experienced sailor, you may want to explore the courses section too. There might be something you want to learn more about – like marine maintenance or navigating with GPS. There are also a great collection of resources that will continue to expand. You will be find a variety of weather and weather links, government applications and advice for cross border travel with your boat.

We’ve got some great courses coming up that you can take part in. Check them out. We encourage you to check back frequently to see what new and exciting things we have coming up!

A big shout out to our friends at Creative Atmosphere for putting this website together for us. Give them a ‘like’ on Facebook or visit their website too!

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